Editing a YouTube Speed painting Video and the headache that goes with it!

I’ve spent two days editing and rendering a video so it will be compatible with YouTube, twitter and Instagram. Not only did my computer think it was going to explode but so did my head!

I really love creating art, painting digitally and traditionally too. It’s the ‘getting it seen on social media’ bit that really get’s me down. It takes so much time. I use clip studio pro to paint and an Elgato HD to capture the process which is then edited in Movie Studio Platinum 14. All this takes time away from being creative.

I’m sure once I’ve done this a few times and get it all straight in my head it will come a little easier to me. But good lord, this weekend has been a learning curve! The video footage was hours long as I kept forgetting to switch off record whenever I left the computer (family life) and so this meant lots of scanning the footage for the long pauses.

Then you get to thinking, do I need an intro, outro on the YouTube video? More work, but no…a lot of the art channels just jump straight in with the content which suits me fine. I’m going to keep at it, watch some tutorials on YouTube about the editing side to help me get up to speed.

I’m going to be working on creating stickers and prints for my online shop for the next few days…and maybe, if my sanity allows it I will try to record the process for fellow creatives who want to make their own stickers too. Pay it forward and all that!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, sorry for waffling!

Toodles for now!