Preparing for Inktober & Drawlloween!


October will soon upon us and that means Inktober time! I have been busy preparing the 31 sketches that will be inked next month for the challenge. My 31 sketches based on the individual prompts for each day will feature characters I have designed for Inktober.

The official prompt list by Jake Parker for 2019

The characters are Halloween themed and so far I’ve really enjoyed creating a story that uses the prompts to drive it forward. Each day will show the a selection of characters reacting to the daily prompt. Some will be obvious but other scenes will require the viewer to have seen the previous prompted artwork before hand in order to know the full story. Well, that’s the idea anyway! I guess I will see if it works out that way!

I’ve decided to use ink on paper for Inktober which has been a good exercise for me in tightening up my drawings. My little sketchbook has been a constant companion in my bag for the past few weeks which meant that whenever I had a moment to myself (doctors waiting rooms, school pickup etc) I would start to draw ideas for a specific prompt.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to use ink on paper as I’ve mainly been focusing on digital art for a while now and its a little scary to think of posting my ink drawings/paintings online for all to judge. So far the art community has been lovely and only positive vibes have come my way, so fingers crossed long may it continue!


Next month will be a busy one as not only have I chosen to take part in Inktober but also Drawlloween.

Drawlloween also uses 31 daily prompts, but all prompts are Halloween themed and fit perfectly with my love of all things spooky. Plus my little Inktober characters will also feature in a few of the Drawlloween prompts.

The official Drawlloween Prompts list by Brian Soria

I have finished all sketches for both challenges and I’m thinking that I might go digital with colouring in the Drawlloween sketches so I can create both digital and traditional artwork next month…but I will see how time goes when it all begins in October!

I will be posting regular updates on my progress for both challenges next month and also hope to put some videos up too on both insta tv and YouTube!

Phew, it’s going to be a busy month!

Cheerio for now! Lou