Drawlloween made me use watercolour and coloured pencils again!

Another Art Challenge!?

Drawlloween is an art challenge much like Inktober. It takes place throughout October and you have 31 art prompts to help you create a new piece of art everyday.

I chose to do this challenge alongside the Inktober prompts. so Yes, October was a busy but productive month for me! I stuck to using traditional means of creating art. Sketchbook, pencil, ink, water coloured pencils and coloured pencils. As well as a mixture of acrylic paint and nail varnish of all things!

An Enjoyable Challenge!

Because I love drawing spooky character art I knew this would be an enjoyable challenge. Much like Inktober the prompts were released a few weeks before October so I got to work sketching out ideas for each prompt.

Once October 1st arrived I coloured in the first image and posted it online. I noticed that as the days went by a certain style showed itself in my artwork. Usually I would use clip studio to colour my drawings but I promised myself to stick to the sketchbook this time and it made me experiment more with the art materials I had at home.

My sketchbook art doesn’t look as polished as my digital work and at first it bugged me. I like my lines to be perfect, the shading to be just so. I like to blend my colours but with out using the digital method I couldn’t achieve the same effects. But, I started to like the style. It’s slightly messy!

I started to use acrylic paint for the base colour and then layered watercolour pencil over the top to get a textured effect. Then I’d work over it some more with watered down acrylics and ink too to add shading and re work the outlines. I began to simplify the eyes, just making them tiny black dots, using the mouth and eyebrows to portray the characters emotions. It definitely made me look more at facial expressions and body language.

Some days were hard…

Some days were harder than others. That’s the thing with daily drawings. It starts to take its toll. I was still enjoying the challenge, but…it was difficult some days as I would have the Inktober challenge to complete that day and then also do the Drawlloween challenge and post that days art online too.

I hear you say…

“But you chose to do two challenges!?!”

And yes, I did. Next year I wont. It will be one or the other. I think I did it this year because I needed a creative boost and something to focus on that would add to my creative portfolio. My Instagram feed looks much healthier. It looks more put together. More focused. And the art work on there all flows together nicely. I’m going to continue doing ‘projects’ and not just individual pieces that don’t gel with anything else I’m doing.

Drawlloween for me was a lot of fun. I even had one of my pieces reposted onto the Drawlloween page which was nice!

This one was reposted onto the Drawlloween Instagram feed πŸ™‚

A little advice…

Yes, I did complete both challenges. Both Inktober and Drawlloween. I got lots out of it but also quite a bit of stress. It made me plan out my day more carefully. I had to make sure I had time put aside to complete both pieces of artwork for each challenge and post them online.

I would repeat characters throughout Drawlloween so it played out a little story in my head so I wouldn’t become bored with the challenge. Some times the piece wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted it too but because there’s no erase button on a sketchbook I would work on it as long as I could and then post it online. Its all part of the fun. Being out of your comfort zone and putting your work out there. I’m sure plenty of people looked at my work and scoffed. But as long as they didn’t leave mean comments, then it’s all good!

My advice. Choose a creative challenge. If the challenges I’ve taken part in aren’t your cup of tea then there are plenty of others to choose from.

I’ve recently found a great website called ‘Kick in the Creatives’ and it has fun challenges for you to take part in and post onto their social media links. They have a great artistic community and its run by two very talented artists.

The podcast is fantastic too. They interview successful artists from all types of artist backgrounds and it really is an inspiration to listen too.

Enough From Me…

I think I’ve chatted on long enough now. Thankyou for taking the time to read this post. It’s much appreciated. I’m planning new projects and I’m working on my children’s book too so no doubt I will be posting insane waffle dribble about those events too soon enough!

Ta for now! Lou πŸ™‚