Please, Let It Snow This Christmas!

Finishing this mixed media illustration took many hours, a water spillage and all my white acrylic! But I finished it. Phew.

It should have been completed in November but here we are in December, it’s nearly Christmas day so I decided to add snow, Santa hats and all things festive. The snow is something we rarely see here in my part of the UK. It’s mainly sleet and rain. I would love a snowy Christmas day. I think the closest I’m going I’ll get to building a snowman will be if I paint one into this picture.

All these lovely characters you see will be starring in a colouring book I’m working on currently. I’m aiming to have it finished and published via Amazon early next year, fingers crossed!

If you head on over to my YouTube channel you can see a time-lapse of the painting process too! It even includes the water spillage(clumsy me!) but don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Ta for now!

Lou πŸ™‚