~Laura ‘Lou’ Horsfall~

Hello there! I’m Lou, the slightly eccentric all round arty woman behind illustrationbylou. My passion for illustration and design has steered me into this creative online adventure. I am an independent artist who enjoys nothing more than creating art, be it digital or traditional.

Molly the cat is my number one fan as you can see, she is a permanent fixture in my home studio!

I studied GNVQ Art & Design, A level Textiles and gained a HND in Fashion during my college days. As life usually takes weird turns I ended up as a qualified decorator too (of all things!) and began my own Painting and Decorating business where I would paint murals for my lovely clients and hang wallpaper too!

Then marriage, a baby and life in general took over so the decorating stopped for a while. Onwards to a new adventure, Interior Design! I thought it would tie in nicely with the decorating I had been doing so I gained my FDA (Foundation Degree) in Interior Design with the National Design Academy in Nottingham and that’s where I was introduced to digital art.

The course was mainly online (occasionally going in to take part in workshops and meet the fabulous tutors!) I had to submit all my designs via the internet and scanning physical drawings become a chore so I taught myself photoshop, SketchUp and clip studio paint so I could keep up to date with the other students and the design world in general!

I found that I enjoyed using clip studio so much I use it more for drawing children’s illustrations instead of interior design elevations and floorplans I had previously been using it for. I continued on with the decorating and occasional wall murals, painting art and getting the sewing machine out now and again!

This little vampire is inspired by my daughter…she’s determined to have blue hair!

I soon realised I needed to enter part time work to fit in with my daughters school life. I had previously volunteered at my daughters school and enjoyed it so much I once again took a course and qualified as a Teaching Assistant. As an agency teaching assistant I can choose when and where to work so it allows me to continue with the art I’m doing now and the occasional wall mural!

I’ve recently finished designing various branding work for an ecommerce store commissioned by a family member. Eight months of skype meetings, tweaking designs and logo’s have led to his store being opened. I’m happy to be a part of his vision and will continue to design for his clothing brands.

I also have various projects in the works, including my own children’s book. My YouTube channel allows me to share my art process (mainly speed painting at the moment) and also connect with fellow creatives.

I’m available for commissions so please contact me via the social media links on my contact page to arrange a meeting.

Right I’m off to feed the dogs, cats, child and husband and possibly there may be some food left for me too.
Cheerio from me, living large in the Northwest UK, who always has paint in her hair and a new project in her brain stewing away!

Action shot of me busily painting a new illustration