Inktober Story 2019

Inktober is finished for another year but I managed to complete the challenge! Here is my finished Inktober project. Every prompt continues the story of these Halloween Characters!

Here we meet our Halloween characters that we will be following throughout Inktober!
This Rotten Pumpkin has lost the plot! It must be the Inktober madness kicking in! I wonder how he’s going to cope with the rest of the month?
It’s Day 3 and today’s prompt is Bait! This little witch has just found a tasty treat! How lucky is she?! But hang on…there’s something not quite right here. She had better keep her wits about her, cake for free? Hmm…
A witches cat needs to be on it’s best behaviour at all times otherwise it’s ZAP! and no-one likes to be zapped, especially Shadow and Patch. Big Witch is having a bad day. She keeps finding puddles all over her floors! Before zap zapping with that wand she might want to reconsider who needs zapping! Where’s little witch when they need her…she’s out doing her Trick or Treating!
Today we join Shelly. She is busy in her science lab creating Munster! He’s going to be the perfect husband! Being a top scientist and surgeon means this is going to be a doddle! Good job she’s also an excellent seamstress. Those stitches will be the best around! Her faithful friend Igor is also there to lend a hand…and a leg.
Better stand back because those sparks of life can go astray!
This Mummy has been in his dusty tomb for way too long and has missed out on so much! It’s thirsty work walking through the desert! I wonder where he’s off too? Possibly somewhere with cool water and a bit of shade.
Looks like Big witch isn’t setting a good example for her loyal companions Patch and Shadow. Shelly is fuming! Only Slimey and Munster seem to be getting on today (With an unhelpful zap of big witches wand that is!) This definitely spells trouble for the newly wedded couple.
Skeleton isn’t happy. In fact both he and Nipper are feeling very sad. Their best friend is missing and they both feel the loss. Maybe some time away together will help?
Look who it is! Little Witch has made a new friend, Slimey! Phew, that means she managed to get away with her cupcake and escape those pesky mini monsters! Don’t swing her too fast Slimey! She’s full of sweets!
Shelly is trying to decide which new dress will spark the attention of her Munster husband. Unfortunately the mirror is working against her today. Nothing looks right! He had better say something nice about her new outfit after all this!
Clown has been captured by the Devil and it looks like he’s going to be cold for a very long time! How is he ever going to escape?
Little Witch is having a very eventful Halloween night! That rotten Pumpkin has picked on the wrong witch. Give it up Pumpkin, you’re not stealing candy from this Trick or Treater!
Skeleton and Nipper decided to go camping to help lift their spirits. But coming back from a short hike they find an intruder in the camp! This doesn’t look good…who could it be?
Oh no! I warned you about those sparks of life! Igor’s plant is now twice his size and twice as hungry! I hope you have plenty of plant food Igor?
Have you heard of the Headless Horseman? Well Rotten Pumpkin has and he’s only gone and stolen the horseman’s head! You silly Pumpkin! It’s all going to end in tears!
It’s a Werewolf! How cheeky! He’s helping himself to all their tasty snacks. Skeleton is about to lose his temper and Nibbler is getting ready to nibble! That Werewolf had better skedaddle or he’s going to see the mean side of our bony duo!
WHOOPS! say’s the cleaning lady Mavis, as she accidently knocks something to the floor and hears it smash. Oh dear, Clown is free again and he’s looking for payback. I don’t think the Devil is going to be too happy when he comes home.
Looks like Shelly has put her sewing skills to use again! Poor Munster, this is all Big Witches fault! He didn’t want to kiss Slimey! Maybe he should have complimented his Bride when she put on that new dress?
These two ghostly fools have found a new toy to torment each other with. They had better keep it between them though! That’s what happens when you summon ghosts on Halloween! They cause chaos!
Looks like Husky the Mummy found a cool place to sit and chill. Swampy doesn’t mind. The swamps big enough for the two of them and it’s nice to have a visitor finally. Most people find swamps smelly, but I guess when your a two thousand year old mummy you get used to bad smells!
Little Witch has just learned a new spell with the help of Shadow and Patch. The Crown of Life! She has a particular person in mind who needs to wear this crown!
Poor Mavis. The Devil was furious when he came home and found that Clown had escaped! Don’t worry though, Little Witch has plenty of magic (and a crown) to help her.
Wait! hang on! That wizard has someone that doesn’t belong to him. Someone needs to tell Skeleton straight away.
Nipper is so excited! Thanks to the Wizards cat, Nibblers coming home! But wait! They still need to deal with that intruder in their Tent! Skeleton knows how to deal with pesky Werewolves. ‘Leave it me’ he say’s.
Little Witch has had a fantastic Halloween night! Just take a look at all the sweets she’s brought home. I’m sure Shadow and Patch will help her count and eat them all.
Clown finally caught The Devil and now it’s time for payback! Are you sure you want to do that Clown? I mean, He’s the Devil! He’s supposed to be devilish!
The Wizards Cat, Mystic is very please with herself. She never wanted a dog in the house. He messed up her fur and kept nibbling her food when she wasn’t looking!
The Wizard wont even remember he had a Dog, she’ll just bark now and again to keep him happy.
Skeleton holds on tightly as the werewolf jumps and hollers around the camp. Skeleton digs his bony fingers into the wolfs fur and yells with triumph!
“Yee Haw! That’ll teach you for eating our snacks!!”
Clown changed his mind and settled for a friendly cup of hot tea to warm him. They each poured the other a cup and smiled sweetly. I really don’t think that’s sweetener you’ve put in there…is it?
The Headless Horseman finally caught up with that Rotten Pumpkin. Now that he has his head back, he can sharpen his axe and go to work. I don’t think saying sorry is going to work this time Pumpkin…gulp.
Oh Dear! All that naughty behaviour has led to you being ripe for the punishing, Pumpkin! Happy Halloween everyone! Thankyou to all who have liked and followed my Inktober posts this year, it’s very much appreciated! Yay that’s Inktober done! Phew! I’m exhausted…I’m off to go Trick or Treating!